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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Triple Play in the ADKs

by Joan H. Young

This is a longer trip report with more of the daily experiences. If you'd rather just get the flavor of the hike try The Essential Adirondacks

My recent Adirondack hike naturally divides itself into three sections, each with its own distinctive character. First, Marie (long-time hiking buddy) and I hiked from Upper Works trailhead, just west of the High Peaks, to the Northville-Placid Trail and down the NPT to Cedar Lake. At Cedar Lake we left the NPT and began to follow one of the proposed routes for the North Country National Scenic Trail. After reaching North Lake the third phase of the hike began with more "civilized" walking on a combination of roads and canal towpath trails till we reached Fort Stanwix at Rome, New York.

My quest is to hike the entire North Country National Scenic Trail which goes from Crown Point, New York, to Lake Sakakawea, North Dakota, a 4400-mile route.

On this hike I carried a new toy, although it's not mine. The North Country Trail Association owns two Garmin 76CSx GPS units, and they said that I could take one on this hike. I got it in my hands just 6 days before we started hiking, so I had a steep learning curve. But it's a really nice tool, containing maps as well as... more

The Essential Adirondacks

beaver pond
overlooking a beaver pond
photo by Mary Coffin
by Joan H. Young

This is a short "painting" of the Adirondack experience in essay form. If you want more of a trail journal, see Triple Play in the ADKs.

I'm sitting in a restaurant waiting for my dinner sandwich, a "Squawking Clucker," to arrive. We (my hiking pal Marie and I) have just one more day to walk on this hike, our third day along the Black River Canal from Forestport to Rome, New York. The canal walk has been interesting and civilized, but this trip is defined by our time in the forest.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word, "Adirondacks?" Mountains, clear blue lakes ringed by pointed spruce, and the wild call of a loon? We camped night after night... more