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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

2008 Season Wraps Up for Hodenpyl Reroute

from Arlen Matson

Here's the final edition of the Trail Crew Newsletter with snow flurries in the air. On Tuesday, October 14, ten of us completed the last big work session by installing the kiosk at the exit of Northern Exposure Campground. This now becomes the official Trailhead for the reroute. We also mowed the parking area.

Other tasks done that day were the removal of nubbins along the 2nd bridge section of the trail, removal of the NCT shield sign posts at the M-115 roadside park, installation of one at the M-115 crossing towards Glengary, installation of 2 carsonites at Fannie's private campground, more signage at M-37 and No.14 Rd. We also installed carsonites on the NCT just west of Glengary.

Later on Tuesday and Wednesday of Oct. 21 & 22, two of us installed a Trail Head sign at the new trailhead. It was good to see that the campground's Bob had already graded the area for parking. This whole area looks real good with the sign, ample room for parking, the kiosk with data, and a view of the bridge immediately east.

We also installed the other NCT shield sign at the M-115 crossing going to Glengary. More carsonites were put up in this section near the new bench and the planked crossing of a brook. We even put up some "no horses" signs. Then with the boat, we headed down to the tent site west of Fletcher Creek & placed the remaining carsonite tent marker.

On the 3rd day we scouted for a second backpacker's tent area and came up with the potential for two of them immediately west and south of the entrance to the NECG entry hut. Six sites we flagged. Their placement is yet to be decided. Come next spring, these will be cleared, labeled with posts and a mini-info station installed.

The two of us were my sister's husband, Bug Van Pelt from Cadillac and myself, His wife had heart surgery and a pacemaker put in all during the month of August. They dearly love to camp and were not able to this summer due to health conditions, but we got together at NECG and camped in sunny weather for 3 days.

Well, friends, all of the flowers disappeared the last few weeks of our trail work, but were replaced with an array of multiple orange and red leaves applauding all of your hard work from May into October. Take a friend and go back, this time in leisure and enjoy walking the path that is totally covered with leaves.

Yours, leaning on his staff,

"The Pathfinder"