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Friday, November 19, 2010

Minnesota is Humming Along

Jerry Trout on the North Country Trail in Paul Bunyan State Forest, Minnesota
Jerry Trout on the North Country Trail in Paul Bunyan State Forest, Minnesota (photo by JHY)

submitted by Jerry Trout

Charlie Maguire was at the Walker, MN library Nov 18 and gave a rousing rendition of the ballad of the North County Trail, which he wrote for the Trail in 2007. Itasca Moraine members were there in their volunteer vests and NPS/NCT scarves. Beth Trout traded Charlie a scarf for his latest album, "Wilderness Road." Charlie's appearance was funded by the Legacy Amendment and the regional library system. Also, today marks the 1st anniversary of completing the North Country National Scenic Trail between the Chippewa National Forest and Itasca State Park.

In 2008 the citizens of Minnesota voted for the Legacy Amendment. This provided that the sales tax be raised 3/8 of 1% and these monies would be distributed to Outdoor Heritage (hunting, fishing) 33%; clean waters 33%; Parks and Trails 14.25% and Arts and Cultural Heritage 19.75%. This amendment received more yes votes than did the president of the US in Minnesota. Governor Tim Pawlenty remained silent on the issue. His mantra was and continues to be no new taxes. This has resulted in millions of dollars for the groups listed above. The NCT hopes to benefit from the Parks and Trail money that is now available.

The Kitchigami Regional Library System received a grant from the Arts and Cultural Heritage group to promote music in the library system. This is what made it possible for Charlie to do his thing. He was also at Park Rapids and Longville and other places. Charlie wove a lot of history into his program plus his music, approximately 1.5 hours. He made the point that his program was designed to advance history (arts) and the outdoors with his music, thus speaking to the entire Legacy spectrum.

The North Country Trail song is on his new album, Wilderness Road, Melo-Jamin Music, 18 folk songs, 60 minutes about Minnnesota State Parks. Gordon Johnson played bass on the North Country Trail and Split Rock Light Station songs.

This segment is on NCTA maps MN-09, MN-10

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

North Country Trail Promo

from Maranda TV

Maranda TV has created this video about the North Country Trail in West Michigan, in the Lowell State Game Area.

This segment is on NCTA map MI-03

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