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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Douglas County, Wisconsin, Welcomes the NCT

Douglas County Wisconsin
autumn in Douglas County near potential NCT route (photo by JHY)
based on a news article in the Superior Telegram, "Douglas County Forest combines recreation, preservation," Mar 13, 2009

Douglas County, in northwestern Wisconsin, boasts the state’s largest county forest. With 272,800 acres, the diverse ecosystem is second in size in Wisconsin only to the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest. There is public forest land and a wealth of opportunities for all to experience.

The North Country Trail crosses more than 30 miles of the Douglas County Forest in the Solon Springs, Gordon and Summit townships. Sections of the trail vary widely in character and setting. Some provide short easy walks through beautiful scenery while others provide longer treks over more challenging terrain. The trail is not yet completed in Douglas County but Bill Menke and his Rovers Trail Crew is working hard to solve that problem.

The forest is governed by the County Forest Law, which requires that it be managed for forestry purposes. This includes multiple uses such as recreation, wildlife habitat and watershed protection. Fulfilling this statutory directive is the responsibility of the Douglas County Forestry Department. The Department currently employees 11 professional, full-time staff and 13 seasonal staff, with the offices in Solon Springs.

A camping permit is required, but the County and Menke worked hard to create an agreement that would serve the needs of long-distance hikers. Previously, permits required campers to know in advance where they would be. Now, a flexible permit is available which is good for several days and several locations.

With the Chequamegon National Forest, Brule River State Forest, and Douglas County miles, an exceptional, multi-day hike, all off-road is possible.

Solon Springs Pine Barrens Bird Sanctuary


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