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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Judy Geisler Finishes Ohio on NCT Hike/Bike

Judy Geisler
Judy Geisler biking on the Wabash Cannonbal segment (photo from her web site)

by JHY

Judy Geisler is closing in on being the 2nd person to bike and hike her way the length of the North Country Trail. She began in April 2005 at Lake Sakakawea, North Dakota.

It's impossible to tell from her web site how many miles were hiked, and how many were biked, but perhaps she can eventually fill in that data for the curious.

Although her original hope was to finish this year (and she may yet), Judy reached the OH/PA border on July 4, and had only 257 miles yet to complete in New York. She and husband, Bob, who is her support in their RV, headed for that state. But the heat has been so intense this month that they decided to leave the NCT entirely for a while, and are now off to Colorado where it is cooler.

Judy likes to keep a low profile, but her accomplishment will not go completely unnoticed if some of us have our way.

Judy states that she is not sure why the NCT takes the southern route through Ohio. She found many parts of Ohio trail in poor repair and unappealing. Hopefully, the NCT can turn this situation around, especially if more people hike it from year to year. She did enjoy all the canal history and Serpent Mound.

There are many photos of her adventure at her web site.

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