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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hiking Rush Hour Expected on Otter Lake Road

Otter Lake Road
Swamp River Bridge on Otter Lake Road. The Superior Hiking Trail Trailhead is ahead just around the curve, while the Border Route Trail Trailhead is directly behind the photographer (photo by Todd McMahon)

a guest post by Todd McMahon

Otter Lake Road is a remote forest road in northern Minnesota just a few miles from Canada. It doesn’t get very much traffic, probably just a handful of cars a day. But on the morning of Saturday, September 18, 2010 a rush hour will occur on Otter Lake Road, when two NCT affiliates launch organized hikes from the road.

The Superior Hiking Trail Association will be hiking 8.7 miles from Otter Lake Road south to Jackson Lake Road. Meanwhile, the Border Route Trail Association will be doing a Reconnaissance and Maintenance Hike on the Pigeon River Cliffs Section of the BRT.

The SHTA hike will cover the northern-most section of the Superior Hiking Trail, which includes Rosebush Ridge the highest point on the trail. This hike will have beautiful views of Lake Superior along with some challenging ascents and descents. Gayle Coyer, Executive Director of the Superior Hiking Trail Association, will be leading the hike. The hike is free for anyone who wants to attend. Gayle will be camping at Judge Magney State Park and will be hosting a Campfire Program on Saturday Night. Park admission and camping fees will apply to anyone wishing to camp at Judge Magney State Park. Gayle will also be leading a 5.1 mile hike from Jackson Lake Road to the Arrowhead Trail on Sunday, September 19.

Meanwhile, the Border Route Trail Association will be having a hike to find possible locations for new campsites on the Pigeon River Cliffs Section of the Border Route. And they will be doing some trail maintenance, especially in the three timber sale areas on the trail that were clear-cut this spring. Ed Solstad, the BRTA’s Mechanized Trail Director will be leading this hike. The BRTA will be camping at the Otter Lake Trailhead Campsite. This outing will start on Thursday evening, when they will be driving up from the Twin Cities and end on Sunday evening when they drive back. The cost for the trip is $55 per person, which includes transportation from the Twin Cities and all food on the outing except for the pit stops on the way up and back.

According to Gayle Coyer, the last time the SHTA hosted the Northern Hikes over 50 people attended. The BRTA’s hike has a limit of 12 people, due to transportation reasons. For more information about these hikes check out their websites.

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