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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Trail Register Fun

drawing of girl rolling down hill
from a Chief Noonday Chapter trail log (from the CND newsletter)

excerpted from the Chief Noonday Chapter Newsletter, Jan 2011

The Chief Noonday Chapter (Battle Creek, Michigan area) posted comments from one of last summer's trail registers in their newest newsletter. They included this delightful drawing, with the comment: "Rolling down the hill! John, Amree, Sadna"

Other comments include:

"Just passing through. Great trail. One Step"

"Went exploring the trail south toward M-89; heard the wildflowers are art!"

"Now you can justify more pumpkin pie!"

"Flagged and cleared updated modification of re-route to south and north from top of wooden steps & kiosk"

"I’ve been camping out here. You’ll never find me, I’ve been eating your animals and chopping your trees down. I’ve been waiting for you for a good meal for once. I hide in your bushes. I hide in your trees. I hide in your house. Sincerely, Bigfoot."

If you pass a trail register, it's always good for a smile and and even a laugh if you have time to stop and read!

This segment is on NCTA map MI-02

See Chief Noonday Chapter of the NCTA

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