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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Images of Dayton 2011

North Country Trail 2011 Dayton Conference logo
Dayton Conference logo

by jhy

The 2011 Annual Conference in Dayton, Ohio, is over... one more for the books. It was an interesting experience going to a city instead of a small trail town. Dayton is a great place for trails of all kind, and our location, Wright State University, was a good venue.
Clifton Gorge
Clifton Gorge wall (photo by jhy)

The weekend was filled with great outdoor activities. Pictured above is a limestone wall from Clifton Gorge seen on one of the many hikes offered. Others chose historic and cultural opportunities, such as visiting the Air Force Museum or taking a ride on a recreated canal boat.

banquet table
Saturday evening banquet (photo by jhy)

Great meals were provided to satisfy us in the evenings. Saturday's speaker was Bart Smith (Walking Down a Dream), who has hiked and photographed all eleven National Scenic Trails. In addition, the auction raised over $6000 toward the Land Trust fund.

The torch was passed to the Chief Noonday Chapter, who will host next year's conference near Battle Creek, Michigan.

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