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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Early Spring Challenges in the Upper Peninsula

alt text
damaged bridge (photo by Jim Studt)
from the Chief Noonday Chapter

Hikers from the Chief Noonday Chapter and West Michigan Chapter headed north to the Upper Peninsula last week to get an early spring hiking fix.

alt text
finding a way (photo by Jim Studt)
Winter can be really hard on trails, especially structures. Above you can see that there is no dry-boot solution for gaining access to what is left of this bridge. However, if someone can find a spare board, there's always a chance for a temporary solution!

And the next picture is a good illustration of the value of puncheon. Often, in the middle of summer it seems odd to come upon a raised wooden walkway in the dry woods. However, early spring is a great time to learn the value of all those man-hours of work!
alt text
puncheon saves the day (photo by Jim Studt)

For all the pictures, go to Jim Studt's Picassa Web Album


Anonymous said...

That is the U.P. for ya...always a wild adventure, always having to brave the elements...but that is whay I love it so much!

Bemused26 said...

pictures, it's always nice to have a bit of adventure on a walk though isn't it? Even if it seems a pain at first- I bet it was fun!