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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nimblewill Nomad is in Eastern New York

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from and Nimblewill's Journal

The cold front that was forecast to come in yesterday afternoon finally arrived around two this morning, bringing rain.

Another dark and dreary morning. The rain is on hold, but there's plenty of fog.

Gordon scouts out Cuyler while I'm headed there, to not only find a cafe, but to find it open--at six-thirty Sunday morning. Oh yes, this day, though foggy and threatening rain, is starting out just fine. The special, biscuits and gravy, plus a pot of coffee for us to split. Yup, starting out just fine!

Out of Cuyler the FLT has had to be rerouted onto a very long round-about roadwalk, the result of closure of a parcel of private land where the trail previously passed. On SR-13 just past West Keeney Road a farmer's dog comes out for a piece of my leg, with the owner right behind, trying to make the dog mind. In the process I meet Todd. He's very familiar with the FLT and the NCT, has a friend who's hiked the AT and is out on the PCT now. I ask him about the land closure just down the road from his place, and we also talk about possible alternate off-road routes to take the trail into Morgan Hill SF. During the exchange, Todd says he wouldn't mind the trail crossing his property! Have to pass that information along.

More climbing today, but not to the extent of previous days. And for the most part, the tread is hardened in from much more use, making staying on trail very easy. It's a joy hiking well marked and maintained trail. The rain has been threatening most the entire day and finally comes in at four in the form of thunderstorms, wave after wave. Not pounding rain, but enough to create a gullywasher out of the trail.

Late afternoon, when I break out on Highland Park Road, in Highland Forest County Park, Gordon is right there, waiting patiently. "Got something for you to think about." he says with a smile, knowing that I want to hike on at least another hour. "Here's dinner, and we've an invitation to stay in the park tonight, in a cabin or in the old administration building, which has a shower." He'd gone into the Skyline Visitor Center where he met Lucy. Folks at Skyline know I'm coming through, there's a reception scheduled for me in the morning, and so Lucy has invited us to stay.

I'm tired, soaked, and dirty. The decision is easy--quit for the day and accept Lucy's fine hospitality. And that's exactly what we do.

A wedding reception is in full swing at the center, but Lucy has time for me, as does her entire staff. They each take a moment to introduce themselves and welcome me. A happy, cheerful bunch: Karen, Alicia, Bob, Tyler, Gina, Kaylee, Melanie, and Sean. Also the folks catering the event stop to meet me. They're the folks who put the dinners together for us.

Oh my, an hour ago I was just hoping to find a place to park the van, and perhaps, should the rain quit, have time to crank the Coleman and cook dinner. A beautiful thing--how this day has come around!

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