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Sunday, January 31, 2010

No New CMF Network Ads

I PREVIOUSLY WROTE: I will not be accepting any new network ads on CMF. After my calculations from yesterday at Just Throw Money, I have decided that it is just plain unfair to those who have paid a full 10 cents a month to advertise here. Instead of their ads being shared among 3-6 others, they are now shared among 12 others, giving them much less exposure time.

I have already accepted the initial wave of ads, but I won't be accepting any more.

UPDATE 2/3/10: The CMF staff have addressed this concern by limiting network ads to 30% of the views on any blog. Given this response, I will now accept any network ads that I feel are appropriate.



Tom Salwasser said...

Is this posting an ad for CMF ads? Is that why you've included the link? Hmmmm

Sharkbytes said...

Tom... no- not an ad for CMF (I do that kind of stuff on Just Throw Money... I wanted to be fair about how I was treating advertisers. I need to try to make a few cents to keep this blog going, and to bring in new readers. However CMF has changed their policy on the Network ads, and it is now more fair, so I'll be posting about it again. I've gotten a bit behind the 8 ball on this blog. Just a lot going on in the "real world."