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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Young Completes NY - 250 Miles to Go

hikers on Finger Lakes Trail
Joan Young & Marie Altenau (photo by Larry Stewart)

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by JHY

From May 3-10, Joan Young, and usual companion, Marie Altenau, hiked 56 miles in New York's Finger Lakes, which completes the NCT in New York for Joan. This section included the popular Connecticut Hill, Finger Lakes National Forest, and Watkins Glen State Park. Watkins Glen is one of the wonders of the east, but unfortunately, the FLT/NCT is not allowed to follow the gorge trail, but stays high above on the South Rim. Side trips are always possible in the summer when the gorge trail is open.

The Finger Lakes is a region of incredible beauty, carved by the glaciers of the last ice age. The area is characterized by steep gorges, shale walls, and waterfalls. This small one is just below Ebenezer Crossing of the Glen Creek, which also feeds Watkins Glen. Wading the creek in 45 degree weather was thankfully brief!
Glen Creek
falls below Ebenezer Crossing (photo by JHY)

The hills of the Finger Lakes rise abruptly from the valley floors, many of which are filled with water forming the blue lakes. Here Marie, and her brother, Larry (who joined the hike for two days), view the valley of Lamoka Lake. Lamoka is one of the smaller lakes.
hikers on Finger Lakes Trail
Larry Stewart & Marie Altenau (photo by JHY)

Along with many buildings which remain from the early 19th century or before, one can also find a number of very old trees. This one is known as the Yorski Oak, found at the Sugar Hill Road crossing.
Yorski Oak
Yorski Oak (photo by JHY)

Only 250 miles of NCT are left for Joan to hike. She's completed 4138 miles, and will end at just under 4400 miles (reroutes continually make the total change, but whatever was official at the time of hiking counts). Marie has hiked 2519 miles of the NCT.

You're invited! Joan says, "Good Lord willin' and the crik don't rise," she will be ending her 20-year quest. She will be the first woman to hike the whole trail, and number 10 overall. You are welcome to come hike her final miles with her and celebrate.

Where: Petoskey, MI (see link below for detailed information)

When: Aug 3, 2010 - meet at 9:00 am. We’ll work out car pools to get hikers out to where the trail crosses Taylor Road. The hike will be about 3 miles, then a half mile back for the picnic.

What: Walk Joan’s final NCT miles with her
Enjoy a picnic lunch- free, our compliments!
Camp over in the field if you wish
If you are free to stay, Joan will be giving the first showing of a brand new program about the NCT on Wednesday, Aug 4, sponsored by the Top of Michigan Trails Council. Time TBA
See a sneak preview of Joan’s next book, for children, called “Moose in Boots.”

How: Just RSVP to Joan at before July 25.

Everyone is welcome, but we need to know how much food we need for lunch. You will need your own mid-morning snack and water.

Facilities: Indoor bathroom and running water. Field for camping (no hookups). If a lot of people come, a porta-potty may be added. There are many motels and commercial campgrounds in the Petoskey area if you prefer more amenities.

This segment is on FLTC maps M13-M16

See Finger Lakes Trail


Gordon said...

Way to go Joan. I hope to join you in August.


samh said...

I've certainly enjoyed following your progress for the past few years, Joan. And I look forward to reading about the last 300 miles as well!

Sharkbytes said...

Hey Gord! I'll be watching for you. I'd be honored to have you come grump at me.

Sam- Thanks, my friend. I can hardly believe it's really going to happen this year.

The Muse said...

Great job Shark!

Sharkbytes said...

Thanks, Eclectic Muse!