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Monday, February 21, 2011

NCTA Unveils New Website

NCTA web site home page

received from Andrea Ketchmark

The new and improved is online. Check it out and you will find a new look, more detailed trail information, better volunteer resources and greater functionality and navigability. Best of all, we see this as the next step in building a seamless national and chapter web presence, owned and updated by the membership, with huge potential for member and chapter engagement.

With the leadership of Matt Rowbotham, this process has engaged the entire staff, our Board of Directors and many chapter leaders and volunteers along the way. We hope you like what you see but the great thing about this new system is the way it provides for endless customization and the ability to be as flexible as we need to be. It is not a finished product in the traditional sense but rather a dynamic tool for communication that can meet our needs as quickly as those needs change.

Pay special attention to the new Chapter/Affiliate/Partner portal pages, a new exciting feature to insure you get the recognition you deserve on the national level. We will be contacting you all in the coming months in an effort to gather your thoughts and ideas to make these pages even better.

So for now, take a few minutes to explore and all of its new features. Let us know what you think, what you like and what else you would like to see. And please help us get the word out by including an announcement in your newsletter or at your next meeting.

We hope you enjoy it!

Andrea Ketchmark
Director of Trail Development

See North Country Trail Association

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