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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Windigo Doug Completes Michigan NCT- 1130 miles

Windigo Doug
Windigo Doug Boulee

from Doug Boulee

On May 31, 2011, Doug Boulee (trail name Windigo Doug) completed the entire NCT in Michigan for a total of 1130 miles. Doug tracked his statistics and reports that this was accomplished in 17 sections hiked over 5 years. He averaged almost 16 miles a day.

Doug wrote, as he was beginning his quest, "Traveling in the wilderness, days of the week and month no longer matter. The year does not exist. The only measure that counts are Trail Days." This was on May 25, 2007 in a section maintained by the Western Michigan Chapter. Hikes were not completed in a linear fashion, but he would hike some in the UP and some in the Lower Peninsula till all the pieces were filled in. "The McCormick Wilderness Tract was one of my favorite parts of the adventure with varied terrain and more fantastic views," Doug explained.

Windigo Doug
tenting in the Manistee NF
Along the way he spent 68 nights in a tent (and two in a motel, and one in a home).....Only 6 states and 3,470 miles to go! He's planning to take on Wisconsin next, starting in September. "I cannot encourage you enough to go out and find just a small bit of trail near your home to start your own adventure. It doesn't have to be of any great length or long term endeavor. There are many places to enjoy the trail just one day, just one step at a time. Get up, get out and get active."

Doug has been added to the 1000-mile Club.

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