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Saturday, November 19, 2011

What Kind of Training Would You Like from American Hiking?

National Trails Training Partnership Logo

from the American Hiking Society

The National Trails Training Partnership (NTTP) is conducting research on training needs and satisfaction. The goal is to improve the quality and availability of trail-related skills. American Trails is conducting the online survey and will be compiling and interpreting the data with NTTP member groups and agencies.

Anyone involved in trails as an employee, volunteer, or supporter may take the survey. They would like to know your experience and ideas, such as:
• What types of training and delivery methods do you feel are effective?
• What important skills do you think are lacking in your agency or organization?
• What good examples of training are you acquainted with?

The "National Trails Training User Satisfaction Survey" was requested by the Federal Interagency Council on Trails (a partnership of the Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, Forest Service, Army Corps of Engineers, and the Federal Highway Administration). The intent of the survey is to "determine the level of service and customer satisfaction of national training related to trails. The information obtained from the survey would be used to evaluate current trail training programs, partnerships, and training delivery and processes; to ask for input on trail training needed, quality, providers, and availability; and to initiate training improvements."

The deadline to take the survey is November 30, 2011.

Take the survey

Note- I did take the survey, and in order to complete it with integrity you will need time to look over the NTTP web site. Keep this in mind.

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