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Monday, December 22, 2008

Kekekabic Trail Clearing Dec 13, 2008

from Martin Kubik, see all the pictures at BWAC on Smugmug

BWA Committee trail crew members met at the departure point on Snowbank Lake public landing. As on many trips, enthusiasm ran high early in the day. First, we conducted a map and compass training session.

A Knee Wrecker
a knee wrecker
First, a "knee wrecker". A knee wrecker is any treefall either high off the ground and/or so thick that a backpacker has to twist his/her body when climbing over. This type of strain can lead to knee injuries. Our job is to minimize the risk to hikers but cutting down treefalls like these. The Forest Service supplied cross-cut saws.

We passed through some areas of "backpacker's nightmare." Without tread and/or marking the clear cuts would be extremely difficult (read: "impossible") to navigate. Thankfully, flagging pointed the way.

clear winter trail
sometimes the trail is easy to see in winter
Some segments of trail are very distinct and easy to follow in the winter. Some times the trail is much more obscure. After the day's work the crew headed out. It took us 2.5 hours of traveling in the dark to reach the public landing on Snowbank. We took the Kubik "shortcut" to Parent Lake, and aiming-off bearing to Snowbank portage in a blinding snow storm. The crew performed admirably under duress and we reached the landing at 7 pm.

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