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Monday, December 8, 2008

Retherford Family Snowshoes on the NCT in the UP

MI UP winter scene on the NCT
from Paul Retherford's Xanga Blog, Dec 7, 2008, used with permission.

We were out today snowshoeing on the North Country trail in the UP of Michigan near our house. Here are a selection of images from our trek. The snow was so deep at points that Asta would disappear. She had to hop like a rabbit almost the entire time too. Sampson was a trooper, just got cold after a bit. They both wore their winter barn jackets.

tired dogs
The tired images of the dogs were on the ride home and at the Coop while we picked up dinner.

Enjoy the winter images from Northern Michigan by me and my wife, Megan...

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Paul Retherford Photography, LLC

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