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Thursday, December 18, 2008

NPS Releases Proposed Change to Bike Use on Trails

a news release of American Hiking Society

Today, the National Park Service (NPS) released a proposed rule change to amend current regulations for designating bicycle use on NPS lands. American Hiking Society remains vigilant on behalf of our membership and partners and is analyzing the proposed changes to safeguard your hiking experience. We are committed to ensuring that trail use decision making processes are equitable, consistent with agency policies and offer transparent stakeholder involvement. Please watch for additional alerts.

American Hiking Society encourages all hikers and trails enthusiasts to get involved, become informed, and participate in public processes that impact the National Parks where we love to hike. We urge those of you who care about trails in our National Parks to take advantage of the opportunities for public comment to which you are entitled. Visit HERE to read the National Park Service proposed ruling and submit your comments within the next 60 days. Your voice can ensure that decisions determining trail use in our National Parks are consistently and clearly applied.

On November 3rd, American Hiking Society alerted our members and partners that this ruling was expected, and that it would be released without sufficient efforts to educate and engage all trail users in the process of designating trail uses in our treasured National Parks. Within days, hundreds of hikers responded to our call to action, urging the Secretary of the Interior to engage all trail users in their rule-making process.

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