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Friday, December 4, 2009

Kerfoots Report Hikers Still on Kekekabic Trail

Bruce & Sue Kerfoot
Sue and Bruce Kerfoot, owners of Gunflint Lodge (photo by JHY)

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based on a Club Outdoors Blog entry by Sue Kerfoot

Sue Kerfoot, of the Gunflint Lodge, a popular supply point near the connection of the Border Route and Kekekabic Trails, regularly writes for the Club Outdoors blogs of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Sue and her husband, Bruce, are the owners the Gunflint Lodge. The lodge operates year-round, and offers various levels of accommodation, for everyone from a resorter to the thru-hiker.

She reports that the lakes are beginning to freeze, although it will be several weeks until the big lakes are solid. Early winter is the best time for skating the small lakes. Cold weather, before the serious snow begins, results in clear ice with no slush. She warns that one should check with local people before skating, as the ice can be extremely dangerous.

Of serious interest to North Country Trail folks, is the following: "Sunday night we had a young couple come through who have been backpacking in the area. They sent a package for re-supply to Gunflint Lodge and stopped by to pick it up. The next leg of their journey is to hike the Kekekabic Trail to Ely. It just seems a little too cold for me to be sleeping out in a tent but we wish them well."

It is definitely heartening to hear that hikers are still out there on this very remote section of trail.

This segment is covered in the Border Route Trail Guide.

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Tman said...

Staying at the Gunflint Lodge was one of the most wonderful experiences that I had on my May Backpacking Trip. I was stunned with the exceptional service that I received there. yours, Tman

Sharkbytes said...

Hey Tman! Yes, I just feel a real bond with the place. I bought and read a book by Justine Kerfoot, Bruce's mother, who owned the resort for many years. She was an exceptional woman, and I feel a keen kinship with her. Bruce and Sue have carried on the very personal interaction with guests- super clean and dressed, or sweaty and wearing backpacks!