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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Trap Hills Hike

hikers in the Trap hills
hikers in the Trap hills (photo by Jeff Kalember)

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excerpted from Jeff Kalember's blog Outside in Michigan , used with permission

Jeff Kalember did a bit of day hiking on the North Country trail in the UP of Michigan this last weekend. November 21st was about 56 degrees, sunny and no wind. WEIRD. Usually this time of the year in the UP is wind, rain, snow mix or last year 12 inches of snow in a snowstorm. He took the family, wife, kids to Cascade Falls. Beautiful 1 mile hike along the "Valley Trail" into the Falls. On the way back Andrew, Harrison and Jeff took the "Bluff Trail." What a treat - huge views of the Trap Hills to the west and the access road (forest 400) coming in. You don't realize how big some of these UP hills are until you are standing on top of them with a sheer rock face at your feet dropping off 100 feet straight down or so.

Follow the link at the top of the article to see more great pictures.

This segment is on NCTA map MI-13

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