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Thursday, December 3, 2009

KQDS TV Does Spot on Superior Hiking Trail

Gayle Coyer on SHT
Gayle Coyer on the SHT (photo a still from the video- click to see video, which will take you to the article site.)

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based on a news article at KQDS TV

Gayle Coyer, Executive Director of the Superior Hiking Trail Association, showed viewers a stretch of new trail near Two Harbors this week. This section opened in September, and extends the trail farther south from the trailhead on County Road 301.

"It's more of a walk in the woods, but it's a beautiful woods, there's old growth maple forests, red pine, previously logged areas," explained Coyer, comparing this section with others which have become well-known for spectacular views of Lake Superior. This section adds 22 new miles of trail, and four campsites to the Superior Trail System.

She anticipates the it will take about 4 more years to connect these miles with the trail through Duluth. At that point hikers can enter Minnesota on the North Country Trail at Jay Cooke State Park and hike north all the way to the Canadian Border via the SHT and the Border Route Trail.

This segment is on the new SHTA map A

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