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Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Trail to Cross Knife River on SHT

Knife River trail bridge
new Knife River bridge (photo by Gayle Coyer)

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from the Ridgeline, the magazine of the Superior Hiking Trail Association, winter 2010

A new 6.4-mile section of the Superior Hiking Trail, south of Two Harbors will be opened in mid-May, 2010. This section goes from Fox Farm Road/ East Trailhead to Rossini Road, crossing the West Branch of the Knife River.

Trail Construction Supervisor, Larry Sampson, and more than 70 volunteers put in over 1000 hours on the project. The section features nice maple forests, huge beaver-chewed stumps, and over a half mile of old beaver ponds.

The SHTA is currently working on the map for this new piece of trail. They have scheduled a guided hike for July 17, 2010, beginning at 10 am. Meet at the Fox Farm Road/ East Trailhead.

This segment will be issued by the SHTA soon

See Superior Hiking Trail Association

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