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Friday, February 5, 2010

NY/NJ Trail Conf Promotes Connection

map of Finger Lakes Trail and Long Path connection point
map of the Slide Mountain area

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received from Joe Dabes- the FLTC map coordinator

More and more, trails are working hard to promote connections with other trails. So far the North Country Trail has both ends just hangin' out in the breeze, at Crown Point, New York and Lake Sakakawea, North Dakota. There are some high hopes for connections, but nothing yet.

Meanwhile, if you continue east on the Finger Lakes Trail at Cuyler, NY instead of turning north on the Onondaga Trail to follow the NCT, you can hike on into the Catskills and reach the eastern terminus of the FLT.

Long Path Logo
Long Path logo
That ending is a connection with the Long Path, a 347 mile trail which roughly parallels the Hudson River from New Jersey to the Albany, NY area.

The NY/NJ Trail Conference, the maintainers of the Long Path, is releasing their new maps of the Catskills soon and they will be showing the connection with the Finger Lakes Trail. This is the eastern terminus of the FLT, and you can note the small FLT logo on the trail at the left of the map and the LP icon on the Long Path.

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