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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pagami Fire Update

Pagami Creek Fire Map
Pagami Creek fire and NCT (green line)

compiled from various sources

The Pagami Creek Fire has now become larger than the Ham Lake Fire of 2007, but does not appear to be threatening the North Country Trail. The closest the fire approached the NCT was just south of Snowbank Lake near the western end of the Kekekabic Trail, with about two miles of forest between.

At this time, the fire is still spreading to the east. Early on, firebreaks were created to the north and these have held. The fire slowed today with light rain and higher humidity, but it has now reached blowndown timber from the 1999 event, and no one expects this fire will be out for a long time.

Command is now unified under Lake County, Superior National Forest, and Minnesota Incident Command. In addition to four Blackhawk helicopters sent by the National Guard, the province of Manitoba is sending two water bombers and an air attack plane.

Pagami Creek Fire Map
Pagami Creek fire and NCT (green line)

For the most current information, see the Minnesota Incident Command

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