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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Announcement Concerning NPS Superintendent

received from Bruce Matthews, Executive Director, NCTA

I just got off the phone with NPS Regional Director Mike Reynolds, who informed me of a drastic change in the NPS's plans. You'll recall we were expecting to welcome Dr. Wade Vagias early in January as our new North Country/Ice Age NST Superintendent. As I understand it, Wade's formerly temporary detail to Yellowstone NP, which involved developing/implementing the Yellowstone's winter management plan, has suddenly taken on more urgency/priority within the NPS. Wade's position became permanent and that's where he is staying.

Mike Reynolds was very apologetic. He is pursuing some immediate as well as longer term options to help us get the administrative coverage we need.

I will keep you posted on further developments. Insofar as my previous request to chapter and affiliate/partner leadership to let me know of upcoming events, please do keep them coming. At the very least we will use this list to help us make staff travel decisions.

Thank you, and let me know your questions.

Contact Bruce Matthews
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