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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ash Cave- One of Ohio's Wonders

video by BuckeyeTrailTV

Ash Cave, in Ohio's Hocking Hills (central southeast) is one of the premier attractions. Here is an excerpt from North Country Cache concerning the area.

"On Tuesday we approach the spectacular Ash Cave, the largest rock wall in Ohio. A chunky, blocky overhang spreads across the head of a gorge, and beneath this overhang, a high and shallow cave defines the end of the declivity. The entire rock face is covered with fine, powdery gray ash. The origins of the ash are lost in the history of the indigenous peoples. Perhaps the ashes come from centuries of fires, lit to warm bodies, cook meals, or host council meetings. Or perhaps the cave was used for less innocent purposes; another theory has it that gunpowder was made there. Nearby are natural saltpeter mines, necessary to make the explosive powder."

Never discount Ohio for interesting sights!

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