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Saturday, December 3, 2011

NCTA Board Approves End-to-End Hike Trip Policy

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by jhy

Much to my personal delight, today, the North Country Trail Association Board of Directors has approved a policy for End-to-End Hikes and Trips following the North Country Trail.

The policy lays down what is expected of anyone who aspires to hike the entire trail. Traditionally on long trails, the "honor system" is the only method of policing the policy, and this will also be true on the NCT.

Nevertheless, there has never been any statement of what is expected, so in theory, someone could have hiked from Crown Point, New York to Lake Sakakawea, North Dakota, by any route and claimed that they had hiked the NCT. Now, some standards of expectation have been articulated.

Essentially, two kinds of end-to-end accomplishments will be recognized: completions all on foot, and completions under mixed muscle-powered means.

Those who have completed intermediate milestones will also be recognized: any of the states, and mileage totals which pass the 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000-mile marks.

The mock-up above shows that there will be a central patch (yet to be designed) with rockers around that for intermediate completions. When the trail is completed, an outer rocker, with either "End to End Hike" or "End to End Trip" will be awarded, along with a certificate and a pin.

Download the full NCT End-to-End Hike/Trip Policy
Download the application for status as a long-distance hiker
Download the quick and dirty Recognition Instruction Sheet

Applications will be handled by the Long Distance Hiker Committee: Joan Young (chair), Lorana Jinkerson, Gaylord Yost, and Lyle Bialk. Applications may be sent beginning now, but the actual patches have not been designed yet.

Contact Joan Young

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