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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chief Noonday Chapter's Huge Cleanup Project of 2011

alt text
Jason Buckner, left, and Mary Rebert work to clear tree limbs blocking a path on the North County Trail near Battle Creek (photo by Aaron Ogg)

based on a news article in the Grand Rapids Press

As a result of a bad blowdown in May of 2011, the Chief Noonday Chapter has been working all year to clean up the North Country Trail through Kimball Pines.

Wind gusts between 75 and 100 miles per hour sheared the tops off dozens, if not hundreds, of trees during the Memorial Day weekend storm, and the entire character of the trail was changed. However, the volunteers were primarily concerned with making it hikeable once again.

This segment is on NCTA map MI-02

See Chief Noonday Chapter of the NCTA


Anonymous said...

They have done a great job of clearing a pathway. If you are coming from the direction of Ott Biological, do not follow the blazes immediately to your right after passing the Kimball Pines gate! Stay on the road. I went right and have a little less skin and blood to show for it!


Unknown said...

Way to go, gang!

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