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Monday, November 3, 2008

New NCTA Ohio Regional Office

Harrop House
Harrop House
from Andrew Bashaw, Regional Trail Coordinator for Ohio and Pennsylvania

The Harrop House in historic downtown Shawnee is the new home to the regional office of the North Country Trail Association, the Little Cities of the Forest Collaborative, and the Ohio's Hill Country Heritage Area.

Come see our new digs in this old building, learn what these organizations are accomplishing in the region, and see the Village of Shawnee. Feel free to bring a potluck snack for folks to share, refreshments will be provided. The event is casual, so leave your tux at home!

We'll also lead a short +/- 2 mile hike starting at 10am right across the highway at Tecumseh Lake along the Buckeye, North Country and American Discovery Trails, dress for a hike in the woods.

Feel free to drop by anytime, call ahead to guarantee the light will be on with someone here to greet you!

The Harrop House
127 b West Main Street
Shawnee, OH 43782

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