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Sunday, November 23, 2008


With the blessings of the North Country Trail Association, this blog will post as many items as are available to keep anyone interested informed of things that are happening along the North Country Trail.

There are quite a few items that have recently come to my attention, and those will be posted and backdated with the sequence in which they occurred.

There are some tweaks to the format to do, and I hope to find a better header graphic... maybe even change it seasonally, but this will get us started.

Please! Continue to send me information about things that are going on in your chapters, states, etc. And tell everyone you know who is interested in the NCT to stop by, and click the link at the bottom to subscribe. If you have a blog of your own through blogspot, you can sign on as a Follower too.

It is my great pleasure to launch this blog. I think of it as a continuation of the former "News" column on the NCTA web site.


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Bruce Matthews said...

Hey Joan! this is great--yet another example of your dedication to this vision of the NCT. This is cool! Thanks for doing this!