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Saturday, November 29, 2008

NY DEC Pilots Equestrian Use of NCT/Link Trail

from the Central New York Chapter newsletter, Oct 2008

Notwithstanding our experience based concerns about the basic non-compatibility of a shared significant use equestrian-hiking trail, per their intentions stated on April 28th, NY Parks has issued a plan encompassing the trail section from Nelson Road eastward/northward to the trail head area on Oxbow Road. Some sections of this trail segment are relatively narrow and others have a fragile soil base.

The plan includes stipulations and options that can be exercised only by NY Parks— all of which are intended to provide both clarifications and a measure of protection of the trail environment. A new gate is being installed on the east side of Nelson Road by NY Parks, one that will permit horse passage. Our concern is that is should be an effective deterrent for ATV and snowmobile non-authorized use as well. The plan states that horses will not be permitted on the trail west of Nelson Road now.

We will continue our liaison with the designated NY Parks contacts, both for the trail segment involved in this pilot plan and the other trail segments permitted to us via the Revocable Permit in force. There are a number of issues that require mutual attention

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