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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wacky for Waymarking Finds the NCT

Quilt Barn
Quilt Barn seen from the BT/NCT
from the Wacky for Waymarking blog. Used with permission.

Marine Biologist is a couple and our name is a combination of our occupations. Rodney is a retired Marine. Sandy is a Wildlife Biologist. The Biologist is wacky for waymarking. The Marine... not so much, but he often goes along for the ride. Join us on our waymarking (and geocaching) adventures!

Dec 17, 2008
Once we made it into Ohio, we decided to make a short detour to the Salt Fork State Park to see if we could spot a North Country Trail marker. The trail runs through this park and overlaps with the Buckeye Trail. We spotted markers for the Buckeye Trail, but no markings specifically for the North Country Trail. I guess we'll just have to keep looking. Anyway, before leaving this state park, white things started falling from the sky. Aack! Snow! We don't have that in Florida. Oh boy.

Dec 27, 2008
We began our journey home at about noon today. We decided to again try to avoid the interstate highways and take a meandering, scenic route. We spotted quite a few Painted Quilt Barns on our journey but only stopped at four of them, three in Ohio and one in Kentucky. They were fun to look for as we wandered along.

NCT Marker Fort Hill Ohio
NCT Marker at Fort Hill
Ohio, and the Marine
We made a planned stop at the Fort Hill State Memorial in Hillsboro, Ohio, to once again search for a North Country Trail sign. We knew the trail passed through this park jointly with the Buckeye Trail, but weren't sure if it would be marked as such. As luck would have it, it was! We would love to have hiked on the trail for a bit to view the 1 1/2-mile long Hopewell Indian earthwork hilltop enclosure, but all the trails were closed for the hunting season. What we did see of the park, though, was very nice and we'd love to make a return visit.

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