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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Feature- North Dakota's Martinson Bridge

Sheyenne State Forest sign
(photo by JHY)
The North Dakota Department of Transportation and the State Historical Society of North Dakota often team together to restore and preserve old bridges. One of their previous projects is located in Ransom County, southeast of Fort Ransom State Park. It is known as the Martinson Bridge. The single-lane, true-truss bridge provides access to the Sheyenne State Forest and to the North Country Trail. A portion of the trail runs through North Dakota’s Sheyenne River Valley.

"You can cross the bridge to the North Country Trail, to get to a waterfall," said Ben Kubischta, NDDOT’s transportation enhancement program coordinator. "It’s a great place for hiking." The few miles of NCT in the Sheyenne State Forest are unique. The forest trail climbs several hills and passes the state's only waterfall.

Martinson Bridge
Martinson Bridge Restoration Sheyenne River, Ransom County (photo from ND DOT)
The Martinson Bridge was restored with Transportation Enhancement funds. Transportation Enhancements are transportation-related activities that strengthen the cultural, aesthetic and environmental aspects of the Nation's intermodal transportation system. They account for a small percentage of transportation funding. Occasionally TE funds benefit the North Country Trail in locations involving bridge crossings, urban pathways, or alternative transportation routes.

Martinson Bridge Trailhead
Martinson Bridge Trailhead (photo from SRV Chapter NCTA)
A one-and-a-half mile loop of the North Country Trail is located at the east end of the Sheyenne State Forest and contains some breathtaking views of the river valley. A one-half mile connector segment joins the Oak Ridge Loop to the Mineral Springs Segment at the Martinson Bridge Trailhead.

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