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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Nimblewill Departs Lake Sakakawea Today on Thru-Hike

Nimblewill M.J. Eberhard
Nimblewill Nomad
personal communication and the Nimblewill Nomad web site

Earlier today, M.J. Eberhard, "Nimblewill Nomad," departed from the western terminus of the North Country Trail to attempt a thru-hike, generally defined as a hike completed in one hiking season. That's a tall order on the North Country Trail's 4400-4600 miles. It's been done by two people, Ed Talone in 1994 and Andy Skurka as part of his Sea-to-Sea hike in 2006-7. It took each of them about 8 months, at a rate of averaging 25 miles a day.

Nimblewill has plenty of experience to reach his goal. He is a veteran long-distance hiker with the International Appalachian Trail, the Triple Crown (AT, Pacific Crest and Continental Divide Trail), the Great Western Loop and more all under his feet.

Will says "I retired a few years ago, the senior practitioner in a busy three-doctor optometric practice down in the sleepy East Coast Florida village of Titusville. Reflecting on all of this brings to mind the old saying, 'You can take the boy out of the country, but...' well, you know the rest of it. In a nutshell, that’s me. After retirement, I moved down on Nimblewill Creek, near the base of Springer Mountain (a six hour bushwhack), a picturesque rural community much like the Ozark Highlands of Missouri, near the little mountain town of Dahlonega Georgia. There, I started making up for lost time…after being cooped-up in examination rooms with no windows for nearly thirty years. I love nature and wide-open spaces, pure and simple. Put me in the great outdoors, preferably the mountains, and you’ve got a happy camper."

There will be journal updates and photos on his web site as the hike progresses. Will is the author of two books about his hikes, and a book of poetry.

See Nimblewill Nomad


samh said...

If anyone can hike the NCT, it's Nimblewill.

Sharkbytes said...

I'm sure he will prevail, but what a nasty bit of weather he gets to begin in, eh?

Hope he'll post a journal entry soon.

samh said...

Worry not, Joan. You've got months and months of journals to look forward from him ; )