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Thursday, March 19, 2009

NCTA Launches New Website

NCTA web site home page
from Bruce Matthews, NCTA Executive Director

At long last I'm very pleased to share that our new North Country Trail Association website is online and hot! Please go to to check it out.

We owe great thanks to Matt Rowbotham for his long hours and leadership in yet again assuming a non-GIS focus and being the staff lead in this project. And we've had lots of help from many of you in reviewing the beta site, identifying bugs and creating new ideas. And special thanks to Joan Young, whose leadership over the years has helped us bring the website to where it is today.

However today is still only a skeleton of what it will become-- a vibrant, fresh, interactive information hub for our NCT community and the foundation and center for NCTA's future communications and outreach efforts. Your continued help and support will be important in getting us there, and I thank you in advance for your continued investment in this important NCTA service tool.

You'll no doubt note the website is a work in progress, and in reality always will be. If it goes static or stale it won't be serving us as it should. Much of the work in the next few phases will need to be done largely by staff. But as NCTA's website unfolds it will be owned and managed more and more by members of our community, including our chapter leadership and the hikers and backpackers using it.

Here are some of the upcoming highlights to be launched by early summer:

Launch of a community-driven, wiki-style Trail Guide to the NCT

Staff and invited member blogs

Interactive Mapping features

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Visit the North Country Trail Association


samh said...

The new Web site looks great!

Sharkbytes said...

Hey Samh- thanks for stopping by.