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Friday, November 27, 2009

Castle Rock Restoration Project

ATV damage near Castle Rock
ATV damage on the NCT near Castle Rock in Michigan's UP (photo from the HSS chapter)

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from Charlene Dewitt, Hiawatha Shore-to-Shore President

The National Forest Service is working with Hiawatha Shore to Shore Chapter (HSS)/North Country Trail Association to restore the North Country Trail. The NCT has suffered extensive ORV damage in the area behind Castle Rock. Bill Menke, Regional Trail Coordinator for Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula, plotted the project in May 2008. The plan includes restoring the trail to the original tread, reroutes to improve trail design, building structures over damaged wetlands. Trailhead parking and a kiosk are included in the project. Signs will be installed from I-75 to the trailhead.

Charlene DeWitt is writing a Cost Challenge Share for National Park Service funding. HSS is asking for a tool trailer and tools for the construction. The NFS is supplying design, materials and supervison. NCT volunteers as well as VISTA and Boy and Girl Scouts will do the construction and restoration.

NCT and HSS work sessions are planned throughout the summer of 2010. This includes three work week sessions and brief two or three day sessions from May 22nd to July 25th . The work weeks are May 24th to May 28th , July 26th to July 30th , and September 20th and 25th .

See Hiawatha Shore-to-Shore Chapter of the NCTA

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