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Monday, November 2, 2009

A Decade of Death, A Day of Disaster

tree broken
wind damaged tree (photo by Andrew Slade)

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from the blog There and Back- Blogging the North Shore

"A decade of death for the birch, followed by a day of disaster for the spruce. All leading to open skies on an autumn day...where a deep forest had recently been."

So concludes Andrew Slade after observing the damage after the latest wind storm to rip through the North Shore area of Minnesota on the Superior Hiking Trail/ NCT. September 28 saw the destruction of many large spruce which crashed to the ground, and the birch, many of which had died as a result of terrible ice storms in recent years, simply snapped off.

Lookout Mountain sustained a great deal of damage. Trail crews headed out immediately after the storm, and began the clean-up work. Andrew writes, "Thank goodness for trail crews, for strong people with chainsaws. The 2.8 mile loop had nary a stick across the treadway."

You can see several more photos at Andrew's Blog.

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DD said...

Yes, it was similar event east - many trees snapped in wind storms this year. In our yard as well. Best wishes.

Sharkbytes said...

DD- Those wind storms can really be something. Seems like we've had a lot in the past few years.

Todd said...

I camped at the shelter on top of Lookout Mountain on June 1 of this year. It truly is a beautiful spot. I was shocked when I saw the photos. One more thought, at the same time, Nimblewill was up the trail about 15 miles. He wrote that it was quite the encounter

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Todd- It seems like all the storms are really changing the look of many of these places. It's hard to watch, but I sort of like the occasional open areas that result. The cleanup is really a bugger, though. Thanks for your comment.