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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mother Goose Heads for NM Until Next Year

Tahquamenon River
Tahquamenon River (photo by Mother Goose)

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based on her journal

Mother Goose, Bonita Curtner, headed back to Michigan's UP in October to try to get in some more northern miles on the NCT before winter. Then she was planning to hike more of the trail in Ohio in the late fall. But, still troubled by shin splints, she has decided to head for the Grand Enchantment Trail of New Mexico.

She managed to find ways to spot a car for several days, and admitted that she could get used to that, with a bed and warm room at the end of each day. Along the Tahquamenon she said, "I could get used to this. I can hardly believe how good the trail is thru here, I'm not tripping over deadfall or thru shoulder high brush. We made it to the Campground at the Rivers mouth and called for our Trail Angel to bring the car."

She continues, "All in all my foot is doing okay, I really begin feeling it when I hit the roads so I have rescheduled my hike for the fall and decided to go back out to New Mexico and Arizona and finish the Grand Enchantment Trail, rather then try to hike 1000 miles on roads thru Ohio with the Shin Splint. Will pick this trail up in May on the Superior Trail and at least do that much more."

See Mother Goose's Journal

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