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Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Hiking in New York

winter hikers
Howard Beye hike (photo by J Wintski)

received from Cate Concannon

Seventeen hardy souls braved the cold to hike on Howard's section of the Bristol Hills Trail in Naples. As John & Judy pointed out, we had a wide range of hikers and I hope everyone enjoyed talking with each other while enjoying the trail. Although the sun came out when we set out, the wind picked up and a soft snow fell during the day. Although warm when moving, the wind made things pretty cool so not a lot of time was spent at Howard's bench, and only a quick lunch was had at the lean-to at the lookout spot.

Stoney Brook leanto (photo by gbd001)

received from gbd001 on fingerlakestrail hikers

My son and I spent the weekend in Allegany State Park to get in some hiking before he returns to school next week. (Don't feel bad for him - he goes to Paul Smith's and is majoring in outdoor recreation. We should all be so lucky.)

On Saturday morning we hiked into the Stoney Brook lean-to from ASP 2. Other than a xc skier who passed us on the trail it was 2 feet of virgin snow and slow going despite our snowshoes.

The lean-to was in great shape, and despite all the snow it was dry inside. We were sorry we hadn't planned to stay there (but we had one of the few cabins with a wood stove so it was a bit more rustic than a motel room.)

These segments are on FLTC maps

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