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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Great Wisconsin Birding and Nature Trail

WI bird trail and NCT
portion of Wisconsin birding trail map and approximate route of the NCT
based on a news article from Wisconsin Radio Network

Six years ago the Wisconsin Birding Trail was just an idea. Now, the mapped auto trail links together various nature locations, and reaches into every area of Wisconsin.

"Essentially the project links the very best places to view birds and wildlife in general throughout the state," said Susan Foote-Martin of the Wisconsin DNR.

Citizens nominated their favorite National forest sites, State Natural Areas, county, city and State Parks, private museums, and nature centers for inclusion in the project. A number of the sites are close to the route of the North Country Trail.

"You can see all kinds of things from the best geology to the best birds to the best big game viewing and see all the beautiful Great Lakes beaches and all the smaller lakes in-between and the rivers. It's quite comprehensive," Foote-Martin added.

Full-color viewing guides with maps and descriptions will lead you to old growth timber, great gray owls, bald eagles, timber wolves, shorebirds, deer, loons, cranes and a variety of animal life and nature.

The Great Wisconsin Birding and Nature Trail is based on major highways, and then allows nature travelers to veer off onto county and town roads. Hikers would add, "and then onto trails," to that sentence.

To get your complimentary guide, call your local Wisconsin DNR office, Wisconsin welcome center, or visit

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