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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Soldier Lake Hike

three winter hikers
from the Hiawatha Shore to Shore Chapter, by G. Smith

The skies were cloudy and the temp was a crisp 3F when we arrived at the trailhead on M28. The first of us helped Stan and Kay transfer the food and firewood to the snowmobile sled, which Stan delivered to the pavilion. There was a great collection of loaner snowshoes and skis for new hikers who didn't have a pair of their own.

Several of us parked down by the North Country Trail itself while others followed the snowmobile tracks to the pavilion. I 'shoed up at 9:45am and started down the trail. Snowshoeing in only took me 20 minutes or so. By the time the labs and I arrived at the pavilion there was a warm fire crackling in the fireplace and Lucas was cooking up hot dogs. The air remained cold but the cloudy skies gave way to a beautiful clear sunny day. The snow was just pristine! All in all 39 people came out to snowshoe or ski that day, exploring the snow blanketed campground and the frozen lake. Within a short while the area became cris-crossed with tracks as the various groups set out to explore this or that.

winter trail

Later after the crowd dispersed, Stan, Kay, Donna and I skied/snowshoed south on the NCT to NF3336. The snow covered landscape and trees were just gorgeous, blanketed thick in snow that sparkled in the sunlight. I stayed way to the rear of the group, snapping as many pictures as I could. We came across a set of wolf tracks crossing a field which led to some interesting discussions. I tell ya, you don't get to see winter beauty like this while sitting at home complaining about how cold it is outside!

All in all a beautiful Winter Trails day!

winter trail


Lin said...

How beautiful! Wolf tracks?! Cool. I like how you find all these neat things. It seems the rest of the world doesn't stop to notice such things--I like that about you.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Hi Lin- Thanks, but I wasn't anywhere near this hike. This blog reports events all along the North Country Trail. It was a real treat for the UP folks though!

betchai said...

"I tell ya, you don't get to see winter beauty like this while sitting at home complaining about how cold it is outside! "
----that's very true, but for us though, it means not just going out, but also traveling about an hour or so to the nearby mountains. I love to hike in the snow though, it adds fun to what is at other times of the year not there.

Oh, I love the 2nd picture the most, it is so inviting and telling everyone come snowshoe with me and discover the fun of winter.