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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hiawatha S to S Hike- December

Hiawatha Shore to Shore Hikers
Roger Morrison, Sabrina LSSU student,
and Katie MSU student on December Hike-
Photo by Julia Rawlings
from the Hiawatha Shore to Shore Chapter newsletter

December 13th Hike at Salt Point Road
Six hardy souls braved wind and blowing snow to tromp their way down the North Country Trail on the December hike. Julia Rawlings, brought her niece—Sabrina a LSSU student and Katie—a MSU student. Pat and Bob McNamara brought along Taylor, their canine pal. After the hike the group gathered at the Maple Ridge restaurant on M 28 for a delicious bit to eat.
Hiawatha Shore to Shore Hikers
Chery Keesling with pavilion in
background at Soldier Lake

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