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Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Am a National Park Service Voluteer

Deven D Atkinson
Deven D Atkinson
from the blog Blogtide Rising,by Deven D Atkinson, Nov 28, 2008, used with permission

This week, quite by surprise, I found out that I have been recognized by the National Park Service as a 100 hour volunteer. They sent me a certificate of appreciation (suitable for framing), an National Park Service Volunteer lapel pin (very high quality craftsmanship), and a North Country National Scenic Trail 100 Hours of Volunteer Service engraved name badge (with my name spelled correctly!!!).

You would have though that I would know that I was a National Park Service Volunteer, and that I would not have been surprised. After all, how would a person donate 100 hours of service and not know it?

The answer is quite simple. I am also a 100 hour volunteer with the Buckeye Trail Association. They gave me a nice embroidered blue flannel shirt early this spring as thanks for my service. All of my BTA volunteer work has been with the Trail Crew in southern Ohio and with the Buckeye Trail segment that my Dad and I maintain. All of this trail is actually three trails that share the same footpath: The Buckeye Trail, the American Discovery Trail, and the North Country National Scenic Trail. Every hour I volunteer is an hour volunteered for each. I knew that the North Country trail was sponsored by the National Park service, but I did not realize that it was actually recognized as part of the National Park Service. Now I know, and I have a very nice lapel pin to prove it. And if I can ever figure out when and where the Adams County chapter of the North Country Trail Association meets, I can wear my name badge and have instant credibility.

Now that I am the BTA Scioto Trail section supervisor, my National Park Service volunteer hours are going to climb very fast!

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