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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hosting Nimblewill Nomad in New York

Onondaga Chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club
members of the Onondaga Chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club greeted Nimblewill Nomad in August

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submitted by Mary Coffin

The Onondaga Chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK-ON) and Highland Forest Park staff co sponsored a welcoming reception and lunch on August 24 for through hiker Nimble Will.

Fourteen ADKers were on hand to welcome him at Highland’s beautiful Skyline Visitor’s Center as he passed through. Highland Forest County Park provided a great location as the North Country National Scenic Trail and concurrent Finger Lakes Onondaga Trail cross the park. The staff at Highland and caterer, Orchard Vali, donated a wonderful buffet lunch to the group. Highland Forest is proud to host both these prestigious foot trails and ADK Onondaga members enjoy maintaining them.

We had the opportunity to pick the brain of this through hiker, 70 year old, retired optometrist, to determine the enjoyment he receives from such a feat. Nimble Will has hiked nearly 20,000 miles including six original National Scenic Trails (ex: Appalachian Trail etc). He commented that his “grand dad and dad died in the woods” and he hoped to also. He loves the outdoors and the woods as he feels that “God is there”, it is a spiritual experience and added, “there is no cathedral as grand as a half acre (of woods).” Being outdoors “recharges his batteries”. In this busy world we can all take a lesson here. In Nimble Will’s opinion if one is reasonably fit and packs light, long distance hiking is 80% mental. It is most important to take care of one’s feet.

[Ed note: Nimblewill is currently off the trail recuperating from a knee injury]

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