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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nimblewill Nomad is Back on the Trail

Nimblewill Nomad
Nimblewill Nomad in NY a few weeks ago (photo from Mary Coffin)

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submitted by Todd McMahon

On Sept 11, Nimblewill wrote in his journal, from the Border Route Trail "My right knee gave me a fit the entire day last, not a moment of letup with the pain. Rolling out this morning, I am very stiff and sore. Finally, I'm pack up and moving, although ever-so-slowly. I've a hunch these last couple-three miles will stick in my memory awhile."

He had, indeed, injured his knee, and headed home for some work and recuperation time, hoping to finish the NCT yet this year. He continued "After 4100 miles, only 300 left to finish this odyssey--I don't understand, I just don't understand. And so, with great reluctance, we turn from this trail, load, and head for home."

But word was received via email to Todd McMahon on Sept 23 that Nimblewill Nomad is headed back to the trail! Todd said "Eb Eberhardt, AKA NimbleWill Nomad, is apparently going to be headed back up to Northern Minnesota to finish the last 8 miles of the Border Route, then hike the Superior Hiking Trail down to Two Harbors."

The knee is still a little swollen, but he just can't stay home any longer! Eb quoted Lance Armstrong, "Pain in temporary. Quitting lasts forever."

There is no update on his journal yet, but we wish him well!

Nimblewill Nomad's Journal

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