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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nimblewill Nomad Off Trail with Knee Injury

Nimblewill Nomad
Nimblewill Nomad

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received from Nimblewill Nomad, via Todd McMahon

The Lord sure works in mysterious ways. I don't know the why of this, what's going on, just trust it'll all work out for the best. Last Wednesday I blew my left knee out in the incredible tangle of brush and blowdowns that makes up most the entire Border Route Trail. I endured the remainder of that day, up from Heston's, toughed it through to within a couple miles of the trailhead, Arrowhead Trail (38 total, give or take) on Thursday, then hobbled and stumbled for two hours to make it the remainder, to where Gordon was patiently waiting Friday.

I'm home now and hope to get in to see a sport's doc tomorrow. Good Lord willin', I'll heal up enough to finish the last eight miles of the BRT and the SHT before winter sets back in on me. I dearly want to complete this NCT thru-hike, I've endured so very long.

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Todd said...

Hey Eb
My hopes and prayers are with you for a swift recovery. You have done a tremendous job of promoting the North Country Trail this year, it would be a shame if you could not finish. Be well, regards from me, Tman

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Thanks for commenting, Tman. I have no idea if Eb reads this blog, but I know we all really hope that he can get this fixed and be able to finish the trail this fall. He's so close!