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Monday, September 14, 2009

NCT / Buckeye Trail Section Closed for a Month

rail trail Corwin Ohio
SR 73 bridge south of Corwin (photo from Little Miami Scenic Trail)

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based on a news article from the Dayton Daily News

A section of the paved Little Miami Scenic Trail in western Ohio will be closed starting today, Sept. 14, 2009, for approximately one month. Both hikers and bicyclists are being told to find an alternate route for the miles south of Corwin.

Corwin Road parallels the trail through the section and may be used as a detour. There will construction activity to be avoided, and precautions should be taken. Alan Ferguson, state park manager for the Cowan Lakes Region said, "We regret the inconvenience of a trail closure, however, it became apparent during our last site visit that due to the extent of the erosion and the size of the heavy equipment required to conduct the repairs, that a safe route around the project would not be possible."

Warren County Soil and Water Conservation District helped secure a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency to pay for repairs to the riverbank. The original railroad right of way forms the foundation of the trail, and needs to be stabilized.

The section in question is on the Caesar Creek Buckeye Trail map. Hikers have another alternative by taking the route through Caesar Creek State Park, which is probably preferable for hikers anyway. The foot trail here leaves the rail trail (going south to north) at Elbon Road, follows the shoreline of Caesar Creek Lake, and then returns to the rail-trail via Spring Valley Road.
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