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Friday, February 6, 2009

American Hiking Society Urges Support for Omnibus Bill Passage in House

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UPDATE The Partnership for the National Trails System reports that the vote will be Wednesday, Feb 11, and that it will be really close. Please contact your Representative!

a news release of the American Hiking Society

American Hiking Society needs your help TODAY to urge the House to pass the Senate Omnibus Public Land Management Act (S. 22), an important bill that will protect and recognize some of the most significant hiking opportunities and natural resources in America. Two weeks ago, this bill passed by a comfortable margin in the Senate, but the House will be a greater challenge. In fact, if this legislation receives a single amendment, no matter how apparently well-intentioned, it would be effectively "killed," and years of hard work, compromise, and thousands of miles of trail could suffer. Without making your voice heard, this bill could "die" in the House and never become law.

This bill will have greater positive effects on the hiking experience than any other legislation considered this year. This bill is a "bundle" of more than 100 different pieces of legislation, including language to designate the Arizona National Scenic Trail, the New England National Scenic Trail, the Ice Age Floods National Geologic Trail, and the Washington - Rochambeau Revolutionary Route National Historic Trail. This legislation also authorizes several important feasibility studies of National Historic Trails and gives federal land management agencies the tools to protect trails by acquiring land within their Congressionally designated corridors. Notably, this "bundle" contains the National Landscape Conservation System Act - simple, straightforward legislation that will recognize the incredible natural and recreational resources of the Bureau of Land Management's National Landscape Conservation System, including more than 5,000 miles of National Scenic and Historic Trails.

Ask your Representative to protect these trails and incredible hiking opportunities and ensure that the BLM's Conservation System will be permanently protected!

Contact your Representative, and ask him or her to support bill S 22, the Omnibus Public Lands Bill.
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