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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

NCT Hopes to Benefit from Stimulus Package

comments from Bruce Matthews, NCTA Executive Director

As a quick update on the status of our efforts to provide Senator Levin (D-MI) with NCT projects for possible inclusion in the economic stimulus bill, here is a quote from Senator Levin's floor speech last Friday:

"Additionally, the conference committee legislation contains $750 million for the National Park Service (NPS). The NPS has a significant backlog of deferred maintenance projects that can be started within the next 18 months which will create jobs and help restore and enhance our national treasures. Michigan's four National Park units and the North Country National Scenic Trail have significant funding needs, and a number of projects have been delayed for years. I am hopeful that the NPS will direct a sizable portion of the $750 million included in the package to address the significant needs of Michigan's parks and trails."

In working with Senator Levin and his staff to include appropriate projects to help build/maintain the NCNST in Michigan I have been singularly impressed. He reached out to us, and his staff has followed through with us at every turn. I'm pretty darn impressed.

I sincerely hope, as the NCTA advocacy team ramps up for Hike the Hill (the week devoted to visiting congressional representatives and reporting on how the NCTA has used the money appropriated over the year) next week, that we can start to build this kind of relationship with the rest of the Congressional delegations representing the states and districts of the North Country Trail. Here's a great example of how it can work!

Read Senator Levin's full speech
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