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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Superior Hiking Trail Reports 2008 Accomplishments

Superior Hiking Trail
one of the many spectacular views to be had from the Superior Hiking Trail
(photo by J Young)
extracted from the Superior Hiking Trail 2008 Annual Report

Although not 100% official yet, for all practical purposes the North Country Trail is concurrent with the Superior Hiking Trail along Lake Superior's north shore.

Gayle Coyer, SHT Association Executive Director reports, "We had a great season on the trail." On National Trails Day, June 7, the completion of 6.2 miles of new trail near Two Harbors was celebrated. Also completed were 8 miles of trail between Two Harbors and Duluth. Over 65 volunteers contributed almost 1000 hours of time to accomplish these tasks.

Bridges are an ongoing maintenance issue on the SHT due to narrow gorges with very high water at certain times of the year. Bridges at Mission Creek, Cascade Creek, and Indian Camp Creeks had to be replaced in 2008. A large rain event in June damaged a number of bridges, moved puncheon and felled trees. Cleanup from that storm took a great deal of time.

Ongoing maintenance of trails is always a time-consuming project. Volunteers performed maintenance and submitted inspection reports on 60 trail sections, 82 campsites and 48 trailheads.

Keep in mind that the SHT is 200 miles, and the overall NCT is 4600 miles. One can begin to get a sense of the scope of dedication and time involved in creating and maintaining this trail. The SHT has their inventory and work well-organized.

Coyer concluded, "I want to thank all of our members and friends. We really appreciate your support and look forward to another great year!"

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Blogging the North Shore said...

It ain't over till it's over, but this re-route, and the fantastic trails that it rightly encompasses, is a triumph of the human will. Really. Who would have pictured a hiking trail through Duluth, without the NCT imprimatur? Who would have serious envisioned connecting the SHT, the BRT and the Kek?

Now the vision work moves to the Ely area to make connections west from the Kek!

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Andrew- Great blog you have. I'll put in the blogroll here. Glad you found me and left a message. Hike on!

These are some of the most wonderful miles on the NCT if we can ever get them connected and authorized.